Perfect app to help you navigate summer activities

Introducing QEWS: an interactive, real-time app to help plan your day in a safe, socially distant and efficient way.

It’s poised to address foot traffic the way WAZE revolutionized road traffic.

In this unprecedented atmosphere, it’s beyond inconvenient to be in a queue. It’s a health danger. QEWS users can find and report a wait time or queue length at any location.

Designed to help keep families and communities safe, and to save time, “We’re calling this community-sourcing rather than crowd-sourcing,” says social media director, Luke MacLaurin. “It’s technology with an integral human touch solution.”

The QEWS team believes it’s people caring about each other that will keep everyone safe and power the app in every neighbourhood.

QEWS covers every business, government office, park or beach in North America. The app is perfect for retailers as well. “Employees assigned to control access at entrances can re- port wait times periodically, keeping them accurate. It’s free added value to their custom- ers.”

Now the app includes updates based on user feedback and thousands of searches for wait times. New features include the ability to search for and report crowds at parks, beaches and large public gatherings and a rewards program.

Qews, a free app available for both Android and Apple devices, launches in Canada and the United States today.


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