Real time thermal detection system to keep customers safe

Therma Scans, is an Ontario based company that manufactures thermal image screening technology to measure core body temperatures. Therma Scans provides real-time, accurate, non-contact skin temperature measurement; scanning for anomalies that may indicate a fever (a key indicator of COVID-19 affliction).

Founded in Ontario, Canada, ThermaScans Ltd., is a real-time thermal detection system that scans for elevated body temperatures (EBT). The technology utilizes a combination of a thermal sensors and 8M pixel cameras. Therma Scans provides a multi-person scan approach without the need for close human contact. The software can be accessed through a website dashboard and Android App.

The technology uses thermal imaging, non-contact cameras to detect heat emitted from individual(s). This energy is then converted into an electronic signal, which is then converted into visible thermal images made from heat – which is then transmitted in real-time to a monitoring dashboard. Users can set the triggering temperature threshold (i.e. setting to 37.5C or 38.5C etc.), and can monitor and control these settings for multiple cameras under the same account via the app and/or the online dashboard. The technology immediately notifies users when a certain temperature – deemed to be dangerous – is reached.


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