A.I. technology will allow farmers to target crop pests

Protein Industries Canada announced the development of new technology that specifically targets pests when spraying fields, increasing efficiencies and providing economic benefits for farmers.

The technology uses artificial intelligence to detect weeds and other crop pests while passing over a field. This is estimated to reduce pesticide use by up to 95 per cent while maintaining crop yield, saving farmers approximately $52 per acre per growing season. Additionally, the technology can be retrofitted to upgrade new or existing sprayers, making it suitable for all Canadian farmers.

The $26.2 million project is being led by Precision.ai Inc., Sure Growth Solutions Inc., Exceed Grain Marketing and the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) at the University of Saskatchewan. The partners are together investing $13.4 million into the project, with Protein Industries Canada investing the remaining $12.8 million. Approximately 120 new Canadian jobs are expected to be created through the project within the next five years.

Designed by Canadians for Canadian farmers, the technology is intended to address the needs of the Canadian agriculture landscape first and foremost. It can, however, be used anywhere in the world, diversifying and strengthening Canada’s economy and providing benefits for farmers around the world.


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