Innovation in BC, Canada

In conversation with  Raghwa Gopal, President & CEO of Innovate BC on the innovation landscape and startup community in British Columbia, Ignite Awards and the future of BC Tech Summit.

Innovate BC has recently awarded $1.2M to four British Columbia based research projects for developing innovative solutions for Manufacturing, Forestry & Agriculture. These projects were done in collaboration with the industry and their academic partners including LlamaZoo, Human in Motion Robotics, Terramera, UBC, SFU & UVic.

More details on the winning projects can be found here:

TimberOps: An Immersive Visual Analytics Platform for the Forestry Industry 

Development of the Next Generation Wearable Lower-Limb Exoskeleton for Mobility Assistance

Computational Platform for Developing Actigate™-enabled Formulations for Agricultural Applications

Reduction to Commercial Practice of a Universal Polymer Crosslinker & Adhesive 


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